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$100M Serenity sees spark in investment

January 5th, 2012

Serenity Point’s project manager, Gustaf Hernqvist, was recently interviewed by the Nassau Guardian regarding increased momentum at Schooner Bay and Serenity Point. Noting strong Canadian demand, increased activity at Schooner Bay village, substantial infrastructure investment in Abaco, and new sales and reservations at Serenity Point, he also explained that plans were underway for the construction of Serenity Point’s Club House, designed by Cooper Johnson Smith:

Serenity Point Club House

Momentum at Schooner Bay and price slashes have sparked renewed interest in Serenity Point, Guardian Business understands, with work expected to begin on the development’s clubhouse in early 2012.

Stakeholders in the South Abaco development arebanking that this initial build-out will prove to be a catalyst for other investors.

Gustaf Hernqvist, the project manager for Serenity Point, said demand peaked at the end of last year. Over the last two months, two beachfront lots were sold and deposits were received for three others.

“That means we can start on the clubhouse,” he explained. “Those first sales are very important. It brings credibility to the investment and confidence. Nobody wants to be the first and people want to know there will be a community of neighbors.”

By this time next year, Hernqvist told Guardian Business Serenity Point should have at least two homes built and the clubhouse will be complete. Expected to cost between $700,000 and $1 million, this centralized location for Serenity Point is free of charge to residents and includes tennis courts, lockers, an infinity pool and other amenities. For a community of 46 homes, projected to be a $75 million to $100 million build-out, the project manager felt these extras are “unique for its size”.

It also has 24-hour security and a concierge service, including home maintenance, airport transfers and boat rentals.

Hernqvist attributed the development’s recent strides to a strong Canadian demand. With a more stable economy than their southern neighbors, this market, combined with lower prices, is expected to attract more potential investors this year. At the end of 2011, Serenity Point reduced its prices by about 37 percent. Ridge and hilltop lots now start as low as $300,000, Hernqvist added.

“Despite the economy being bad, things are starting to move a bit more. We are seeing a lot of developers and competition out there,” he told Guardian Business. “But we are still stepping up our efforts.”

The development has also recently partnered with Cooper Johnson Smith, a well-known architectural firm in Florida. Serenity Point hopes to tap a more innovative yet traditional feel for the future homes in the community.

Another positive sign for Serenity Point is the considerable government investment in South Abaco. Recent initiatives, such as a new power plant, $30 million airport terminal and a major government complex, including the prime minister’s office, are all slated for completion this year. Likewise, the public sector has chipped in as well with the construction of new business ventures.

But perhaps the most encouraging development for Serenity Point is the noted successes of Schooner Bay, the project’s intimate neighbor. The rise of the harbor, homes and 12 core businesses in the area will no doubt spur investors into the up-and-coming area of South Abaco.

“When you look at South Abaco, there is a community feel developing with a central location. At Serenity, our residents will benefit from Schooner because we’re only a golf cart ride away,” he said. “Schooner is definitely something we see our owners taking part in.”

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January 05, 2012
by Jeffrey Todd
Guardian Business Editor

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The Abaconian: Serenity Point’s Infrastructure is 90% Complete

February 3rd, 2011

Jennifer Hudson’s article in the December 15th issue of the Abaconian features Serenity Point’s builder’s program and notes that 90% of the infrastructure is already in place.

The high-end development of Serenity Point will offer its residents world-class facilities and, with the Builder’s Programme, homeowners have the option to either use their own architectural service and builder or engage the services of the pre-certified partners such as Chancey Design Partnership or Ryan Archer, a local partner on Abaco.

Mr. Walton Chancey, architect and managing partner of Chancey Designs, and his interior designer wife explained, “We promote a more contemporary design for how we live today. People are buying the view so we believe that the homes should be open with lots of glass tying the outdoors with the indoors … When second homeowners are in the market for a new home, they need the assurance that someone responsible is overseeing their entire project. We can provide that for them.”

The Serenity Point builder’s program package is available to parties interested in building a home at Serenity Point and features a variety of home options depending on the location within the community.

Read the Full Article [PDF Page 27].

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The Abaconian: South Abaco Growth Is Taking Off

January 17th, 2011

The December 15th Abaconian featured an article by Canishka Alexander about Serenity Point’s November 26 Open House and how Gustaf Hernqvist, senior sales and marketing director for Serenity Point, sees South Abaco’s future.

In general, South Abaco is an area that is really taking off, Gustaf said, as he listed the names of Schooner Bay and Delphi Club Fishing Lodge as well. “You’re looking at Schooner Bay, and they’re feeling that same enthusiasm. You’re looking at Delphi Lodge, which is obviously not a real estate development, but it’s business in general, and they are getting a lot more bookings. It’s just a positive feeling on Abaco,” he beamed. “Some things people may not like and so on, but at the end of the day there’s investment confidence, and that’s what we’re really looking for.”

“Our Open House is a bit of a reflection on that positive energy that we sense is coming out now,” he stated. “I get the same comments from everyone that things are really starting to move.”

Read the Full Article [PDF Page 18].

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Robb Report: Vacation Homes: Sweet Serenity

November 23rd, 2010

This month’s Robb Report features an article by Bailey S. Barnard about luxury resort developments in South Abaco, including Serenity Point.

The Abaco Islands are downright deserted compared with some Bahamian destinations. But over the last few years, the laid-back Abaco chain—a pristine collection of islands and cays in the northeastern Bahamas, about 200 miles off the coast of Florida—has become one of the Caribbean’s hottest locations for luxury resort developments, the latest of which include three exclusive vacation-home communities.

The newest of the Abacos’ private communities, Serenity Point, overlooks a five-mile stretch of beach on the archipelago’s largest island and hub, Great Abaco. The 40-acre community opened sales earlier this year for its 46 inland, hilltop, ocean-view, and beachfront homesites, which range from about a half acre to more than 1.5 acres and are priced from $230,000 to $1.2 million. Buyers can work with their own architect (following community guidelines) or use one of the island-contemporary designs conceived by Chancey Design Partnership of Tampa, Fla., specifically for Serenity Point.

Read the Full Article.

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Style At Home: Buying Vacation Property Abroad

August 17th, 2010

This month, is helping readers learn what to consider when buying vacation property abroad through a focus on Serenity Point.

Serenity Point Main Entrance

Read the full article: Style at Home, “Buying vacation property abroad” by Lauren McPhillips.

Buying vacation property abroad

Summers in Canada are associated with cottage life and living by the water — but what happens when summer turns to winter?

A minority of us plow cottage roads or winterize our summer houses, but many of us do a few jaunts to sunny destinations throughout the snowy months, and a growing number of Canadians are actually buying second properties abroad.

The planned community [at Serenity Point in Abaco, Bahamas] is nothing short of fabulous — buying a property here would make anyone feel like they are on an eternal vacation. So whether you’re buying the land for a winter escape or as a retirement property, Serenity Point is a place of relaxation and island-living — a nice departure from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Create your dream home on the beach

Customization is a priority for home owners, and it should be no different for your vacation home.

One of the great things about the homes at Serenity Point is that they are custom designed to your liking. The developers have combined forces with Chancey Design Partnership to allow buyers to design their dream home on the beach. Whether you have a budget or want all the luxuries they have to offer, the designers create a space that works for your lifestyle.

Home Design by Walt Chancey

Equally important when considering buying vacation property abroad is access to amenities.

Serenity Point, a 40-acre gated community on Schooner Bay Beach, offers miles of pristine beach, tennis courts, a club house, a neighboring village full of restaurants and other services, plus all the amenities of home.

Style At Home writer Lauren McPhillips rightly recommends that readers research things like water treatment, internet access, air conditioning, and other needed amenities. Many islands have less than favorable services, but Serenity Point offers all the necessities and plenty of luxuries — personal chefs, bone fishing, pre-arrival shopping service, private golf lessons, and a maid/butler service to name a few.

McPhillips’ 5 Things to Consider When Buying Vacation Property Abroad include:

1. Chose Your Location.
Off the beaten path, with plenty of activities, Abaco is only a 50 minute flight from the coast of Florida, making it a quick escape.

2. Research amenities.
Know what home utilities are available, including internet access, but also consider your day-to-day needs. Abaco’s international airports, international banking services, hospitals, gas stations, markets, and schools make Abaco one of the top 20 global real estate markets.

3. Understand the culture.
For example, on Abaco there is an intense respect for natural resources, “a factor that the Serenity Point developers have taken into consideration through working around vegetation and natural sand dunes when building.”

4. Work within your budget.
Vacation property on Abaco ranges in value on the island from $200,000 USD to $1 million plus. As a luxury property, Serenity Point prices depend on the home site location: beach front, ridge, or hilltop.

5. Maintenance.
Be sure to take into account year-round maintenance care, including the costs of gardening, lawn care, housecleaning and damage control.

Read the full article at for all the details.

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Road less traveled: Abaco Islands

August 11th, 2010

The latest mention of Serenity Point appeared over the weekend in Road less traveled: Abaco Islands: Where Bahama mamas and papas go to relax by Ruth Bashinsky (NY Daily News, Sunday, August 8th 2010).

South Abaco Shoreline

Abaco, the third largest island in the Bahamas and the sailing capital of the world, is a prime destination for Bahamians looking to relax.

The 120-mile-long coastline, 20,000-acre nature preserve, and 17 Blue Holes makes Abaco a perfect destination for boaters, scuba divers, snorkelers, fishing enthusiasts, bird lovers and beachgoers. There is no shortage of short-term rentals, but for seasonal residents, second-home buyers and those looking for a permanent home in a safe, relaxed environment, South Abaco is a prime real estate location.

In addition to  Abaco Club on Winding Bay, a Ritz Carlton facility,  The Delphi Club, a new luxury bone-fishing lodge built in the style of an 18th-century plantation, and Schooner Bay Village, an urban, eco-friendly harbor village, there is Serenity Point.

Serenity Point Main Road

Another project gaining attention is the eco-friendly Serenity Point, a private beachfront community located on Schooner Bay Beach and developed by Canadian real estate magnate Alexis Nihon 2nd.  The multimillion dollar project includes 46 homesites built on beach, ridge or hilltop sites that start at $230,000. The exclusive community not only offers spectacular sunrise and sunset views but, a full-service beach clubhouse, an infinity pool, tennis courts and a concierge service that include private chefs, butlers, yacht charters and fishing trips.

Read the Full Article…

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The Bahamas Investor: Serenity Point, Great Abaco

June 28th, 2010

Serenity Point was recently covered by The Bahamas Investor.

Serenity Point, Great Abaco
July 2010
By Catherine Boal

Although luxury is obviously a major concern to buyers, the environmental footprint of their homes is also important to a generation of more eco-conscious investors. The company’s responsible attitude toward the local environment and its wish to have the least possible impact on the surrounding natural ecosystems are becoming increasingly attractive selling points.

According to Nihon III, water conservation is particularly important, and the site will feature a comprehensive irrigation system using reservoirs capable of holding up to 100,000 gallons of rain water. Lot owners will also be compelled to keep one 20,000 gallon tank on their properties.

“This will save millions of gallons of water yearly, substantially reducing the energy burden on the government to supply our community with water–an increasingly scarce resource in The Bahamas,” he says.

Developments such as Serenity Point, and neighboring Schooner Bay Village, are part of an overall resurgence currently being enjoyed by Abaco—one of the fastest growing islands in The Bahamas and the country’s third largest economy after New Providence and Grand Bahama.

Private developers and government initiatives are helping to bolster the region, with new projects such as the Delphi Lodge—an upscale bonefish fishing lodge, which opened at the end of 2009—and The Abaco Club, which was bought by luxury hotel chain Ritz-Carlton in 2008, both opening in tandem with a redevelopment of the Marsh Harbour International Airport.

Read the full article.

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The Abaconian: Serenity Point Holds Grand Opening

March 25th, 2010

Serenity Point’s opening was recently covered by The Abaconian. The article was written by Jennifer Hudson, one of our blog contributors.

Serenity Point Holds Grand Opening
By Jennifer Hudson
Monday March 15, 2010

Serenity Point…officially opened to prospective buyers at a gala celebration on March 6.

Invited guests…gathered on Serenity Point’s incredibly beautiful beach to enjoy a selection of refreshments with an island flavour and to learn more about this new development.

On arrival, guests were driven by golf cart along the impressive royal palm lined drive to the highest point of the property where they were offered a celebratory glass of champagne. The view from this point was already spectacular but the opportunity was offered to climb a lookout which gave an even more breathtaking view of the entire bay with its white sand and water which deepened from a light aquamarine to an intense azure highlighted by the pure white spume of some gently rolling waves. This is the view which will be enjoyed from the second floor of the homes to be built on the site.

A welcome to the development and an introduction to the Nihon family was given by Gustav Hernqvist, Senior Sales and Marketing Director for Serenity Point.

“This area is really starting to take off,” he said. “We have 24 lots available now and Phase 2 will be opening up very soon. This private community is right next door to the 220-acre development of Schooner Village which will be a self-contained community with 50 retail establishments, a clinic and a school and will be an excellent neighbour for Serenity Point.”

Hudson also mentions that one of the guests that she spoke to, an architect from Nassau who owns a second home in Treasure Cay, said that he would be interested in owning a home in Serenity Point. “The development has everything going for it – remoteness, being able to get away from it all, small size of the development and beautiful beach,” he stated.

Download the Full Article (PDF)

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The New York Times: Serenity Point Beach Development

March 23rd, 2010

The New York Times‘ “Breaking Ground” section covers projects, planned or under construction, that include weekend or vacation homes. “Breaking Ground” recently featured Serenity Point.

Serenity Point Beach Club

By Nick Kaye
Published on March 18, 2010

Read the Full Article.

This new development, not far south of Marsh Harbour on the island’s eastern coast, covers 40 gated acres with 24 homes on lots that range from about half an acre to more than one and a half acres. Seven of the lots front the beach; the rest overlook the Atlantic from hills.

After selecting a site, buyers can choose either to have houses designed by the development’s architectural partner — Chancey Design Partnership, based in Tampa, Fla. — or to commission designs independently while adhering to guidelines…

The beach club, which will include an infinity pool, is expected to be completed this year, and a concierge service will arrange for butlers, private chefs, yacht charters and fishing trips.

Schooner Bay Village, an area of restaurants, shops and inns that will also include a marina, is currently under construction adjacent to the development.

Read the Full Article.

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Destination Abaco: Marsh Harbour

March 10th, 2010

Destination Abaco is a new magazine serving as the official guide to Abaco, Bahamas. Its February-July 2010 issue features an article by Jennifer Hudson, one of our blog contributors.

Serenity Point, Schooner Bay Beach

Marsh Harbour and its Southern Environs

Approximately twenty-five miles south of Marsh Harbour on the Atlantic side of the island work has begun on two more major developments. Serenity Point is planned as a private community for the discerning home-owner. It sits at the water’s edge on Schooner Bay, a beach which has been deemed “phenomenal” by Conde Nast Traveller. Home-owners will enjoy an infinity pool, lush indigenous landscaping, a full service beach clubhouse, tennis courts and a host of luxury lifestyle services. Of the twenty-four home sites, seven are on the beach and the remainder are hilltop or elevated with beach views. This development is directly adjacent to the amenity-rich, authentic harbour village of Schooner Bay which is currently underway.

The site of the Schooner Bay Development offers the only harbour opportunities on the Atlantic coast for twenty miles in either direction and boasts sweeping views of the ocean. Schooner Bay has been planned as a model for the future growth of Abaco, redirecting the trend from sprawl towards environmental and community responsibility. It will meet the highest standards of sustainability with beach buffers and landscaping using natural species.

Hudson also mentions that “tucked away off the beaten track just north of Serenity Point is the hidden treasure of the luxurious Delphi Lodge,” which offers a great experience for fishermen looking to fish the world-class bone fishing flats of the Marls and Cherokee Sound.

This area of Abaco, between Serenity Point, and Delphi Lodge, caters to non-fishers too who can enjoy beachcombing the incredible white sand beaches, snorkeling, bird watching, or just relaxing and watching the beautiful sunsets.

In closing, Hudson adds, “these new developments will offer Bahamians, second homeowners and visitors even more options for island living than ever before.”

Read the full article.

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