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Bahamas Recipes / Bahamian Food

December 15th, 2009

The Bahamas has a splendid array of delicious dishes to enjoy.

Guava duff

Bahamian food is often characterized by spicy flavor (made using thyme, pepper, lemon and lime). Bahamian food is influenced by a number of cultures, mainly African, Asian and Creole as well as British and North American.

You can sample Bahamian delights at local restaurants such as Mangoes or Angler’s. Of course, you may have an inkling to make them yourself. We’ve already suggested how to create the famed (and irresistible) Conch Fritters, so here are some more delicacies you can make at home:


Conch Chowder
Chicken Souse

Side Dish

Johnny Cake


Conch Salad


Bahamian Pidgeon Peas and Rice

Fish Abaco Style
Junkanoo Chicken
Bahamian macaroni and cheese (Emeril approved! Note: Some add an egg to the recipe. )


Guava Duff (pictured above)
Coconut Tart

Which Bahamian dishes are your favorites?

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Recipe for Conch Fritters

November 23rd, 2009

Seafood – particularly conch (pronounced “konk”) is a staple of local Bahamian cuisine. This delicious mollusk, found in southern waters, can be purchased canned, but is best fresh.

kthread cooks: conch fritters

On Abaco, we recommend rum punch or a Treasure Cay Goombay Smash to go along with it!

If you’re not drooling from the photo, watch Chef Vern Thomas demonstrate how to create Conch Fritters.

Try the Bahama Breeze Conch Fritters Recipe.

If you can’t find conch, it can be replaced with lobster. But we recommend moving to Serenity Point and visiting the local restaurants.

Here are three of our favorite spots for conch fritters:
Curly Tails
Wally’s Restaurant

Tell us about your favorite Abaconian best dish.

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