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The Abaconian: Serenity Point’s Infrastructure is 90% Complete

February 3rd, 2011

Jennifer Hudson’s article in the December 15th issue of the Abaconian features Serenity Point’s builder’s program and notes that 90% of the infrastructure is already in place.

The high-end development of Serenity Point will offer its residents world-class facilities and, with the Builder’s Programme, homeowners have the option to either use their own architectural service and builder or engage the services of the pre-certified partners such as Chancey Design Partnership or Ryan Archer, a local partner on Abaco.

Mr. Walton Chancey, architect and managing partner of Chancey Designs, and his interior designer wife explained, “We promote a more contemporary design for how we live today. People are buying the view so we believe that the homes should be open with lots of glass tying the outdoors with the indoors … When second homeowners are in the market for a new home, they need the assurance that someone responsible is overseeing their entire project. We can provide that for them.”

The Serenity Point builder’s program package is available to parties interested in building a home at Serenity Point and features a variety of home options depending on the location within the community.

Read the Full Article [PDF Page 27].

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Robb Report: Vacation Homes: Sweet Serenity

November 23rd, 2010

This month’s Robb Report features an article by Bailey S. Barnard about luxury resort developments in South Abaco, including Serenity Point.

The Abaco Islands are downright deserted compared with some Bahamian destinations. But over the last few years, the laid-back Abaco chain—a pristine collection of islands and cays in the northeastern Bahamas, about 200 miles off the coast of Florida—has become one of the Caribbean’s hottest locations for luxury resort developments, the latest of which include three exclusive vacation-home communities.

The newest of the Abacos’ private communities, Serenity Point, overlooks a five-mile stretch of beach on the archipelago’s largest island and hub, Great Abaco. The 40-acre community opened sales earlier this year for its 46 inland, hilltop, ocean-view, and beachfront homesites, which range from about a half acre to more than 1.5 acres and are priced from $230,000 to $1.2 million. Buyers can work with their own architect (following community guidelines) or use one of the island-contemporary designs conceived by Chancey Design Partnership of Tampa, Fla., specifically for Serenity Point.

Read the Full Article.

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Style At Home: Buying Vacation Property Abroad

August 17th, 2010

This month, is helping readers learn what to consider when buying vacation property abroad through a focus on Serenity Point.

Serenity Point Main Entrance

Read the full article: Style at Home, “Buying vacation property abroad” by Lauren McPhillips.

Buying vacation property abroad

Summers in Canada are associated with cottage life and living by the water — but what happens when summer turns to winter?

A minority of us plow cottage roads or winterize our summer houses, but many of us do a few jaunts to sunny destinations throughout the snowy months, and a growing number of Canadians are actually buying second properties abroad.

The planned community [at Serenity Point in Abaco, Bahamas] is nothing short of fabulous — buying a property here would make anyone feel like they are on an eternal vacation. So whether you’re buying the land for a winter escape or as a retirement property, Serenity Point is a place of relaxation and island-living — a nice departure from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Create your dream home on the beach

Customization is a priority for home owners, and it should be no different for your vacation home.

One of the great things about the homes at Serenity Point is that they are custom designed to your liking. The developers have combined forces with Chancey Design Partnership to allow buyers to design their dream home on the beach. Whether you have a budget or want all the luxuries they have to offer, the designers create a space that works for your lifestyle.

Home Design by Walt Chancey

Equally important when considering buying vacation property abroad is access to amenities.

Serenity Point, a 40-acre gated community on Schooner Bay Beach, offers miles of pristine beach, tennis courts, a club house, a neighboring village full of restaurants and other services, plus all the amenities of home.

Style At Home writer Lauren McPhillips rightly recommends that readers research things like water treatment, internet access, air conditioning, and other needed amenities. Many islands have less than favorable services, but Serenity Point offers all the necessities and plenty of luxuries — personal chefs, bone fishing, pre-arrival shopping service, private golf lessons, and a maid/butler service to name a few.

McPhillips’ 5 Things to Consider When Buying Vacation Property Abroad include:

1. Chose Your Location.
Off the beaten path, with plenty of activities, Abaco is only a 50 minute flight from the coast of Florida, making it a quick escape.

2. Research amenities.
Know what home utilities are available, including internet access, but also consider your day-to-day needs. Abaco’s international airports, international banking services, hospitals, gas stations, markets, and schools make Abaco one of the top 20 global real estate markets.

3. Understand the culture.
For example, on Abaco there is an intense respect for natural resources, “a factor that the Serenity Point developers have taken into consideration through working around vegetation and natural sand dunes when building.”

4. Work within your budget.
Vacation property on Abaco ranges in value on the island from $200,000 USD to $1 million plus. As a luxury property, Serenity Point prices depend on the home site location: beach front, ridge, or hilltop.

5. Maintenance.
Be sure to take into account year-round maintenance care, including the costs of gardening, lawn care, housecleaning and damage control.

Read the full article at for all the details.

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Rare Beachfront Opportunities at Serenity Point

May 4th, 2010

Situated at water’s edge on Schooner Bay Beach, home owners on Beachfront Lots 1 to 7 will enjoy a view that is unique to a fortunate few.


Key Aspects of the Beachfront Lots

  • Lot sizes range from 21,041 to 47,391 square feet.
  • Beach frontage per lot ranges from 90 to 112 feet.
  • Residents have direct access to a 200-300 foot wide, 5 mile long beach.
  • Schooner Bay harbour village is a 5-minute stroll away.
  • A stroll to the north brings you to Serenity Point’s full-service Beach Club, then to miles of pristine, untouched beach.

The beach at Serenity Point remains relatively untouched by development, and its beauty and sand quality rival the best known beaches of the islands. The dunes, beachfront and associated vegetation are not only picturesque but form an ecosystem that is critical to the health of the shoreline and the nesting grounds of the island’s turtle population.

Serenity Point’s commitment to the sustainability of Schooner Bay Beach means that the community plan adheres to practices that will best protect the dune and waterline.

  • Lot owners may create a winding path to the beach.
  • Existing vegetation may be minimally trimmed to establish and maintain views.

Owners also benefit from the well-planned nature of this community. Each lot has a proposed driveway location, front and side setback, 2nd story building zone and beach setback.

Serenity Point’s pre-approved architectural and building professionals are available to create custom home designs. Or home site owners may select from pre-approved home plans in Serenity Point’s Builder’s Program.

Preview Lot 4

Exterior Rendering of Lot 4

Exterior Rendering of Lot 4


For more information on Serenity Point’s beachfront lots download the Full Siteplan (PDF) or visit the Interactive Siteplan.

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National Post: Serenity Point: It’s Boomer Heaven

December 14th, 2009

The National Post Home section this weekend read: “Retire amid style and sunshine in the Bahamas.”

Serenity Point: It’s Boomer heaven by Suzanne Wintrob
Published: Saturday, December 12, 2009

Serenity Point Beach Club

Bahamian charm with contemporary style: Serenity Point will offer a full-service private beach club and much more.

Serenity Point is located on Great Abaco, which is part of a 120-mile-long island chain called The Abacos, located 180 miles from Florida.

The Nihon’s family ties to Great Abaco date back to 1962 when Alexis Nihon I, fell in love with it on a trip to The Bahamas. Before long he began buying up parcels of land with hopes of developing the coastline. He died before he could do that, but his son and grandson are fulfilling his dream.

Alexis Nihon III is quoted in the National Post article.

Mr. Nihon describes Great Abaco as the fastest growing island and most exclusive destination in the Bahamas, with 14,000 permanent residents and another 4,000 who venture in during the winter peak season. Many are wealthy Baby Boomers from North America and Europe who want to retire amid style and sunshine, so the Nihon family’s Nassau-based Anco Lands Ltd. real estate development company is preparing something special for them. It’s called Serenity Point, a 40-acre gated luxury residential community that will consist of 24 beachfront and hilltop home sites with varying elevation and island views. Big is the operative word, with lots ranging from 2,500 to 6,000 sq. ft. and finished homes ranging from 21,000 to 72,000 sq. ft.

Centred at the heart of Schooner Beach Bay and along five miles of exquisite shoreline, Serenity Point will offer a full-service private beach club, tennis courts, a solar-powered golf cart for each homeowner, and concierge services including maid and butler service, personal chefs, private yacht rentals, fishing charters and diving expeditions.

Read the full article, for more on Serenity Point’s other appeals, including the Builder’s Program, which offers up architects and interior designers from Florida-based Chancey Design Partnership to create the buyer’s dream home.

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Our Architect, Walt Chancey

December 10th, 2009

At Serenity Point we want to build an oasis of residences at Schooner Bay that reflect elegance, modernity and evoke the Bahamian touch. As such, our emphasis is on homes more open to the Abaconian landscape. Homes that merge with their surroundings.

Home Design by Walt Chancey

To bring that dream to fruition, we teamed up with Chancey Design Partnerships for both the architecture and design of Serenity Point.

The firm has an impeccable reputation and the team has designed many beautiful homes in the region. The company has a sharp emphasis on personalized service, and a firm foundation in true design excellence.

Much of this is due to company’s Founder, Walton H. Chancey, AIA, who is also the Senior Managing Partner as well as the Director of Marketing. For over 20 years, he has been directly responsible for multi-family, mixed-use and commercial developments, hospitality projects, healthcare work, signature single-family residences and historic restoration projects.

In his personal life and his business pursuits, Chancey adheres to the same philosophy, “Work hard, work happy, and live every day with passion.”

This motto is evident in his commitment to the clients and projects he undertakes.

An Auburn University alumnae, he worked for several firms before deciding to move to Ybor City with his wife, Sandra. He and his wife established their business in the the historic neighborhood in Tampa, Florida in 1989. There, he helped revitalize development. Walt was so passionate about the neighborhood and about helping other area businesses prosper that he spent much of the first 5 years doing local renovation. His company eventually merged with designers and thus became Chancey Design Partnership.

Over the years, his team has won numerous awards and been featured in more than 40 publications. They have justly acquired a reputation for being able to interpret clients needs while creating homes that fit their location’s environment and lifestyle.

Because Chancey Design specializes in architecture, planning and interior design, they are able to take a project literally from the ground up. The company works from the land-planning through to completion of the finished residence.

“We believe that many projects lose a lot in the handoff between the architects and interior designers,” Chancey says. “We feel that we have a better, more holistic product because of an early interiors relationship. Our interior designers are not just decorators. They understand space planning, the layouts and they work with us in the early part of designing a project. Architecture and interior design are so important to each other.” (Source: PDF)

Chancey Design specializes in creating groundbreaking yet subtle island homes, homes that weave smoothly into the landscape they occupy, make them a perfect choice for our Serenity Point Builder’s Program.

Serenity Point Beach Club
Photo: Artist rendering of “Serenity Point Beach Club”

While maintaining the mass, scale and materials of the local vernacular, the houses at Serenity Point present a refreshing contemporary take on Caribbean Architecture, embracing how we live today. Designed with the topography of the site, each house creates a unique experience, maximizing views to the beach and water. Large expansive doors and windows offer an unparalleled view to the beach and water that begins to dissolve the threshold between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Although these elements have a more modern quality, materials like locally quarried coral stone, flat tile roofs and stucco add a traditional texture to both the interior and exterior spaces creating a warm and inviting palette that grounds the design in comfort and familiarity and blends harmoniously with traditional Bahamian architecture.

Only 24 luxury home sites are available at Serenity Point on Schooner Bay Beach. If you are interested in purchasing a property or participating in our Builder’s Program, contact us for more information.

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