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Summer in Abaco

July 22nd, 2010

Summer in Abaco is full of festivities. Are you ready for fun in the sun? at Serenity Point

July 24th-26th
4th Annual North Abaco Summer Festival & Power Boat Race

Cheer on the fastest boats on the sea! Contestants travel from throughout the Bahamas to vie for top spot and bragging rights. This 3-day event at Regatta Village, Treasure Cay, includes local music, foods and games.
Contact Clifton Bootle, phone 242-475-3275.

August 27
Junkanoo Summer Festival

The Junkanoo Summer Festival is four weeks of festivities—starting in June and continuing into August. Join the party on August 27, Goombay Park, Marsh Harbour, from 6 pm to midnight. In addition to great bands, the celebration includes Bahamian food, local arts and crafts, cultural activities, games and giveaways.
Contact the Tourist Office for details, 367-3067.

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Junkanoo Summer Festival

July 14th, 2010


The Junkanoo Summer Festival is four weeks of festivities—starting in June and continuing into August. If you missed the most recent party on July 9, mark your calendar for August 27, Goombay Park, Marsh Harbour, from 6 pm to midnight.

In addition to great bands, the celebration includes Bahamian food, local arts and crafts, cultural activities, games and giveaways.

Recent performances included:

  • The Royal Bahamas Defence Force Marching and Pop Bands
  • Awy
  • New Entry Band
  • Brown Tip
  • Matellus and Fontella Chipman
  • Geno D
  • Elon Moxey
  • Impact Band
  • T-Time Rake and Scrap
  • Lucious Dame (Fire Dance)

In addition to the great bands listed above, watch for the Abaco Talent Search and Junkanoo parade. Contact the Tourist Office for more details, 367-3067.

Are you ready for summer?

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Serenity Point Opens

March 19th, 2010

Many thanks to more than 100 special guests who attended our opening day celebration at Serenity Point on Saturday, March 6th.

Festivities took place from 1-4 pm on a gorgeous Bahamian day. Guests arrived through the main entrance and were taken by golf cart to the hilltop home sites to enjoy a reception with hors d’oeuvres and champagne. They delighted in scenic views from three viewing towers Serenity Point constructed to simulate the vantage points home buyers would experience in a typical home design.

With tours of the hilltop, ridge and beach front home sites complete, guests made their way down to the beach to experience some local flavors in music, art and food.

Along the pathways to the beach, Walt and Sandra Chancey of Chancey Design Partnership displayed various artist renderings and home designs, along with interior design materials and color palettes.

Passing along the beachfront home sites, guests were served conch salad and various cocktails in coconut-cups to enjoy while mingling on Schooner Bay Beach. (It was lovely to hear one guest proclaim they had never seen sand like this, “it’s like sugar!”.)

Alexis Nihon II, president of Anco Lands Ltd, and Gustaf Hernqvist, Senior Sales and Marketing Director, addressed the guests.

“For decades, we have shared a deep commitment to the growth of the Abacos. Today, Great Abaco continues to emerge as a highly coveted destination, for both real estate and tourism, and we are thrilled to contribute to the fabric of this island’s prosperity,” said Alexis Nihon II.

“Our goal is to capture the natural beauty of this spectacular location and create an exclusive community that offers residents the ultimate family retreat and long-term value,” continued Nihon.

In attendance were local businessmen, government officials, real estate agents, local and international press and prospective buyers from the Bahamas, North America and Europe.

The party wrapped up with a surprise junkanoo parade. Junkanoo dancers, singers and musicians made their way down from the hilltop to the beach where we enjoyed the revelry and Bahamian hospitality.

See more pictures of the event.

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Abaco Events: February 2010

February 1st, 2010

Locals, visitors and winter residents on Abaco have a lot to look forward to next month. Below is a short round-up of some key events.

Boat Harbour Inaugural Wahoo Championship
February 5, 2010
The tournament, which is being sponsored by several businesses, will take place on Thursday, February 5th and run through Sunday, February 8th, 2009.

7th Annual Wine Tasting Event at Green Turtle Club & Marina
February 6, 2010, 5:30 to 11 pm.
A spectacular wine tasting and fundraiser for the Island Roots Heritage Festival. $40 admission.

Man-O-War Craft & Trade Fair
February 13, 2010, 9:30-1:30.
This annual event features local crafts, plus food and drink. Proceeds benefit Man-O-War Public School.

Inaugural Wahoo Championship
February 13, 2010
This inaugural fishing tournament will be held in Marsh Harbour.

Abaco Junior Junkanoo Parade
February 19, 2010
Local schools throughout the mainland and surrounding Cays of Abaco compete in this street festival.

Abaco Senior Junkanoo Parade
February 20, 2010
This street parade in Marsh Harbour is a competitive event for local senior groups. Groups are judged based on costumes, music and dancing abilities. This year’s theme is “Love Rush”.

Pilots Mark Your Calendars! Banyan’s Bahamas Day
February 20, 2010
Want to fly to the Bahamas in your own aircraft or on a charter? Find out how easy it is at Banyan’s Bahamas Day. Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation sponsors Bahamas Day in Fort Lauderdale FL.

People to People/Winter Residents Reception
February 25, 2010
Facilitated by the Ministry of Tourism’s Abaco Office, this event provides an opportunity for local People-to-People Volunteers to meet and interact with visitors and Winter Residents.

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Get Ready for Junkanoo

December 8th, 2009

New Year’s will soon be upon us, which means, at least for the Bahamas, the exciting and unrivaled Junkanoo!

Celebrated on New Year’s Day (and in some areas on Independence Day as well), the very popular Bahamian national festival involves: A riotous explosion of color, sound, movement and rhythm. A little like Mardi Gras, a little like Carnival and a little like a Mako Jumby festival, participating in Junkanoo (or just watching) is an experience you’ll not soon forget.

Flickr Photo Mosaic

Credit and info:

1. Bahamas Samurai. Junkanoo Festival. / CC BY 2.0
2. Junkanoo Drums / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
3. Junkanoo Mask / CC BY-SA 2.0
4. I See You! / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Some fun Junkanoo facts:

  • Junkanoo involves a parade of masked dancers in bright colourful costumes who play music with goat skin drums, cowbells and whistles.
  • The most popular assumption of the celebration’s origin is that John Canoe, a beneficent plantation owner, allowed his slaves time off to celebrate on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, and they named the celebration in his honour.
  • In 1966, the Junkanoo governing body ruled that all participants must be costumed, in order to take part in the parade on Bay Street
  • Troupes such as “Roots,” “Saxons” and “Valley Boys” compete for prize money and “preparation is a closely guarded secret and starts the day after the prior years festivities”.
  • “An open coffin or wheel barrow… with an old witch like person (representing the year gone by) is wheeled down the parade route. At its end the coffin is draped then undraped revealing the new year in the form of a beautiful island maiden.

Want a taste of Junkanoo? Take a look at the below video:

You can experience “playing” an instrument in the parade here.

For more information, see the official Junkanoo site.

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