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What’s New in Abaco

December 21st, 2009

The opening of the new runway at the Marsh Harbour International Airport was announced on November 16. According to The Abaconian (Dec. 15, 2009), pilots and visitors to the island have expressed contentment over the smooth landing and are looking forward to the addition of the new airport terminal.

View Marsh Harbour International Airport in a larger map

In other amenities news, Bahamas Electricity Corporation officials expect to have their $105 million power plant at Wilson City, Abaco, up and running by April next year.

As The Abaconian reports (Dec. 1, 2009), “South Abaco is receiving much attention these days with several new upscale developments in the works.”

Delphi Club, a new upscale bonefish lodge, recently opened in South Abaco. It has eight rooms and overlooks Rolling Harbour, a gorgeous beach south of Bahama Palm Shores. The luxury bonefishing lodge stands 50 feet above sea level and commands panoramic views of the beautiful Atlantic coastline.

Exterior Delphi Club by delphi.bahamas on Picasa

Other notable features of Delphi Club:

  • The elegant lodge is built in the style of an 18th century plantation house with wrap around porches.
  • The great room features an enormous dining table where all guests dine together.
  • Dinner will be at 7 pm preceded by canapes at 6 pm for a flat rate of $75 with reservations required by noon.
  • An “honest bar” and piano complete the homey atmosphere of the great room.
  • Peter Mantle, owner of the Delphi Lodge, is also owner of the Delphi Lodge in Connemara, Ireland, which he established in 1995.
  • Guests are expected from the United States and Europe.

And, of course, Serenity Point development is well underway. National Post home section (Dec. 11, 2009) called Serenity Point a “Boomer heaven.” And noted, among its many appeals, that “the project’s Builder’s Program offers up architects and interior designers from Florida-based Chancey Design Partnership to create a buyer’s dream home. Alternatively, buyers can choose from a range of schematic designs that can be tailored to their needs but must adhere to a set of building guidelines to complement the Bahamian aesthetic.”

Stay tuned for more Abaco development news.

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National Post: Serenity Point: It’s Boomer Heaven

December 14th, 2009

The National Post Home section this weekend read: “Retire amid style and sunshine in the Bahamas.”

Serenity Point: It’s Boomer heaven by Suzanne Wintrob
Published: Saturday, December 12, 2009

Serenity Point Beach Club

Bahamian charm with contemporary style: Serenity Point will offer a full-service private beach club and much more.

Serenity Point is located on Great Abaco, which is part of a 120-mile-long island chain called The Abacos, located 180 miles from Florida.

The Nihon’s family ties to Great Abaco date back to 1962 when Alexis Nihon I, fell in love with it on a trip to The Bahamas. Before long he began buying up parcels of land with hopes of developing the coastline. He died before he could do that, but his son and grandson are fulfilling his dream.

Alexis Nihon III is quoted in the National Post article.

Mr. Nihon describes Great Abaco as the fastest growing island and most exclusive destination in the Bahamas, with 14,000 permanent residents and another 4,000 who venture in during the winter peak season. Many are wealthy Baby Boomers from North America and Europe who want to retire amid style and sunshine, so the Nihon family’s Nassau-based Anco Lands Ltd. real estate development company is preparing something special for them. It’s called Serenity Point, a 40-acre gated luxury residential community that will consist of 24 beachfront and hilltop home sites with varying elevation and island views. Big is the operative word, with lots ranging from 2,500 to 6,000 sq. ft. and finished homes ranging from 21,000 to 72,000 sq. ft.

Centred at the heart of Schooner Beach Bay and along five miles of exquisite shoreline, Serenity Point will offer a full-service private beach club, tennis courts, a solar-powered golf cart for each homeowner, and concierge services including maid and butler service, personal chefs, private yacht rentals, fishing charters and diving expeditions.

Read the full article, for more on Serenity Point’s other appeals, including the Builder’s Program, which offers up architects and interior designers from Florida-based Chancey Design Partnership to create the buyer’s dream home.

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