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The Abaconian: Serenity Point’s Infrastructure is 90% Complete

February 3rd, 2011

Jennifer Hudson’s article in the December 15th issue of the Abaconian features Serenity Point’s builder’s program and notes that 90% of the infrastructure is already in place.

The high-end development of Serenity Point will offer its residents world-class facilities and, with the Builder’s Programme, homeowners have the option to either use their own architectural service and builder or engage the services of the pre-certified partners such as Chancey Design Partnership or Ryan Archer, a local partner on Abaco.

Mr. Walton Chancey, architect and managing partner of Chancey Designs, and his interior designer wife explained, “We promote a more contemporary design for how we live today. People are buying the view so we believe that the homes should be open with lots of glass tying the outdoors with the indoors … When second homeowners are in the market for a new home, they need the assurance that someone responsible is overseeing their entire project. We can provide that for them.”

The Serenity Point builder’s program package is available to parties interested in building a home at Serenity Point and features a variety of home options depending on the location within the community.

Read the Full Article [PDF Page 27].

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The Abaconian: South Abaco Growth Is Taking Off

January 17th, 2011

The December 15th Abaconian featured an article by Canishka Alexander about Serenity Point’s November 26 Open House and how Gustaf Hernqvist, senior sales and marketing director for Serenity Point, sees South Abaco’s future.

In general, South Abaco is an area that is really taking off, Gustaf said, as he listed the names of Schooner Bay and Delphi Club Fishing Lodge as well. “You’re looking at Schooner Bay, and they’re feeling that same enthusiasm. You’re looking at Delphi Lodge, which is obviously not a real estate development, but it’s business in general, and they are getting a lot more bookings. It’s just a positive feeling on Abaco,” he beamed. “Some things people may not like and so on, but at the end of the day there’s investment confidence, and that’s what we’re really looking for.”

“Our Open House is a bit of a reflection on that positive energy that we sense is coming out now,” he stated. “I get the same comments from everyone that things are really starting to move.”

Read the Full Article [PDF Page 18].

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Abaco’s Development Continues

November 9th, 2010

The latest editions of the Abaconian (PDF) and The Tribune featured lots of exciting news about development in Abaco.

Revised Airport Terminal Plans
Revised airport terminal plans were presented to stakeholders, with a bigger and more expensive terminal than the initial plans. The new airport will be 39,000 square feet, with the terminal accounting for about 32,000 square feet – 10 times the size of the current terminal. It will cost $15 million, an increase of $3 million from the initial plans. The new plans also include 2 restaurants, 4 kiosks, 4 car rental booths, 7 retail areas, and a VIP lounge next to the check-in area. Construction on the terminal starts at the beginning of 2011.

Abaco’s Growth Was Featured at “Business Outlook”
The 7th annual Abaco Business Outlook was held on September 22 on the topic Strengthening Abaco’s Economy. Presenters came from government and the private sectors and all were positive about Abaco’s growth.

  • Plans were revealed for a $12 million shopping mall that will be built near Central Pines in Dundas Town. Construction on the mall will start mid 2011.
  • According to Abaco’s Tourism Minister, Abaco Tourism is working to reduce airfare to Abaco from the United States. He also noted that visitors to Abaco were up 12 percent from the previous year.
  • The Tourism Minister announced that Tourism is employing branding strategy that is designed to set apart each Out Island as its own destination.

Robin Hood’s $30- $40m growth plan
Robin Hood, the popular discount supermarket, has revealed that their expansion plan includes investing a further $30-$40 million over the next four years to expand the retailer’s total Bahamian store portfolio from the current two to six. Sandy Schaefer, in an interview with Tribune Business said, “We’re looking for another four to five acres to build our own shopping center, probably somewhere in the south … Our logical next step will be Abaco.”

Family Islands Transport Enhancement Project launched
The Bahamas Government in collaboration with the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) officially launched the Family Islands Transport Enhancement Project during the opening ceremony for a workshop for stakeholders on October 14. Part of the project includes a technical assistance grant of $37,000 from CDB to facilitate preparation of feasibility studies and designs for new commercial ports in Abaco and a road link between Little and Great Abaco.

Progress continues at Schooner Bay
Phase One of Schooner Bay is well underway. In particular, the excavation of two large basins is complete. One will be used to provide the community fresh water and the other will be used as a composting heap for The Commons (Schooner Bay’s agricultural sector) and residential landscaping. Other developments include the harbor opening to the ocean in Winter 2011, and a local artist, Antonius Roberts is working to develop an art center. He is hoping to create an interest in art and maybe even encourage art tourism in Abaco.

Broad Creek Restoration Project
Friends of the Environment partnered with Dr. Craig Layman and his research team from Florida International University to restore a vital tidal creek and wetland area near Serenity Point. A total of 510 students and adults assisted in reclaiming approximately 28 acres of wetlands that had been fragmented by the road.

This project would not have been possible without the generosity of Ministry of Works, Big Cat, Adele and Timmy McDonald, The Nature Conservancy, Schooner Bay, and Serenity Point. The participation of FIU was made possible through a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Overall, excellent, positive news about Abaco’s growth.

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Road less traveled: Abaco Islands

August 11th, 2010

The latest mention of Serenity Point appeared over the weekend in Road less traveled: Abaco Islands: Where Bahama mamas and papas go to relax by Ruth Bashinsky (NY Daily News, Sunday, August 8th 2010).

South Abaco Shoreline

Abaco, the third largest island in the Bahamas and the sailing capital of the world, is a prime destination for Bahamians looking to relax.

The 120-mile-long coastline, 20,000-acre nature preserve, and 17 Blue Holes makes Abaco a perfect destination for boaters, scuba divers, snorkelers, fishing enthusiasts, bird lovers and beachgoers. There is no shortage of short-term rentals, but for seasonal residents, second-home buyers and those looking for a permanent home in a safe, relaxed environment, South Abaco is a prime real estate location.

In addition to  Abaco Club on Winding Bay, a Ritz Carlton facility,  The Delphi Club, a new luxury bone-fishing lodge built in the style of an 18th-century plantation, and Schooner Bay Village, an urban, eco-friendly harbor village, there is Serenity Point.

Serenity Point Main Road

Another project gaining attention is the eco-friendly Serenity Point, a private beachfront community located on Schooner Bay Beach and developed by Canadian real estate magnate Alexis Nihon 2nd.  The multimillion dollar project includes 46 homesites built on beach, ridge or hilltop sites that start at $230,000. The exclusive community not only offers spectacular sunrise and sunset views but, a full-service beach clubhouse, an infinity pool, tennis courts and a concierge service that include private chefs, butlers, yacht charters and fishing trips.

Read the Full Article…

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Rare Beachfront Opportunities at Serenity Point

May 4th, 2010

Situated at water’s edge on Schooner Bay Beach, home owners on Beachfront Lots 1 to 7 will enjoy a view that is unique to a fortunate few.


Key Aspects of the Beachfront Lots

  • Lot sizes range from 21,041 to 47,391 square feet.
  • Beach frontage per lot ranges from 90 to 112 feet.
  • Residents have direct access to a 200-300 foot wide, 5 mile long beach.
  • Schooner Bay harbour village is a 5-minute stroll away.
  • A stroll to the north brings you to Serenity Point’s full-service Beach Club, then to miles of pristine, untouched beach.

The beach at Serenity Point remains relatively untouched by development, and its beauty and sand quality rival the best known beaches of the islands. The dunes, beachfront and associated vegetation are not only picturesque but form an ecosystem that is critical to the health of the shoreline and the nesting grounds of the island’s turtle population.

Serenity Point’s commitment to the sustainability of Schooner Bay Beach means that the community plan adheres to practices that will best protect the dune and waterline.

  • Lot owners may create a winding path to the beach.
  • Existing vegetation may be minimally trimmed to establish and maintain views.

Owners also benefit from the well-planned nature of this community. Each lot has a proposed driveway location, front and side setback, 2nd story building zone and beach setback.

Serenity Point’s pre-approved architectural and building professionals are available to create custom home designs. Or home site owners may select from pre-approved home plans in Serenity Point’s Builder’s Program.

Preview Lot 4

Exterior Rendering of Lot 4

Exterior Rendering of Lot 4


For more information on Serenity Point’s beachfront lots download the Full Siteplan (PDF) or visit the Interactive Siteplan.

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The Abaconian: Serenity Point Holds Grand Opening

March 25th, 2010

Serenity Point’s opening was recently covered by The Abaconian. The article was written by Jennifer Hudson, one of our blog contributors.

Serenity Point Holds Grand Opening
By Jennifer Hudson
Monday March 15, 2010

Serenity Point…officially opened to prospective buyers at a gala celebration on March 6.

Invited guests…gathered on Serenity Point’s incredibly beautiful beach to enjoy a selection of refreshments with an island flavour and to learn more about this new development.

On arrival, guests were driven by golf cart along the impressive royal palm lined drive to the highest point of the property where they were offered a celebratory glass of champagne. The view from this point was already spectacular but the opportunity was offered to climb a lookout which gave an even more breathtaking view of the entire bay with its white sand and water which deepened from a light aquamarine to an intense azure highlighted by the pure white spume of some gently rolling waves. This is the view which will be enjoyed from the second floor of the homes to be built on the site.

A welcome to the development and an introduction to the Nihon family was given by Gustav Hernqvist, Senior Sales and Marketing Director for Serenity Point.

“This area is really starting to take off,” he said. “We have 24 lots available now and Phase 2 will be opening up very soon. This private community is right next door to the 220-acre development of Schooner Village which will be a self-contained community with 50 retail establishments, a clinic and a school and will be an excellent neighbour for Serenity Point.”

Hudson also mentions that one of the guests that she spoke to, an architect from Nassau who owns a second home in Treasure Cay, said that he would be interested in owning a home in Serenity Point. “The development has everything going for it – remoteness, being able to get away from it all, small size of the development and beautiful beach,” he stated.

Download the Full Article (PDF)

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The New York Times: Serenity Point Beach Development

March 23rd, 2010

The New York Times‘ “Breaking Ground” section covers projects, planned or under construction, that include weekend or vacation homes. “Breaking Ground” recently featured Serenity Point.

Serenity Point Beach Club

By Nick Kaye
Published on March 18, 2010

Read the Full Article.

This new development, not far south of Marsh Harbour on the island’s eastern coast, covers 40 gated acres with 24 homes on lots that range from about half an acre to more than one and a half acres. Seven of the lots front the beach; the rest overlook the Atlantic from hills.

After selecting a site, buyers can choose either to have houses designed by the development’s architectural partner — Chancey Design Partnership, based in Tampa, Fla. — or to commission designs independently while adhering to guidelines…

The beach club, which will include an infinity pool, is expected to be completed this year, and a concierge service will arrange for butlers, private chefs, yacht charters and fishing trips.

Schooner Bay Village, an area of restaurants, shops and inns that will also include a marina, is currently under construction adjacent to the development.

Read the Full Article.

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Serenity Point Opens

March 19th, 2010

Many thanks to more than 100 special guests who attended our opening day celebration at Serenity Point on Saturday, March 6th.

Festivities took place from 1-4 pm on a gorgeous Bahamian day. Guests arrived through the main entrance and were taken by golf cart to the hilltop home sites to enjoy a reception with hors d’oeuvres and champagne. They delighted in scenic views from three viewing towers Serenity Point constructed to simulate the vantage points home buyers would experience in a typical home design.

With tours of the hilltop, ridge and beach front home sites complete, guests made their way down to the beach to experience some local flavors in music, art and food.

Along the pathways to the beach, Walt and Sandra Chancey of Chancey Design Partnership displayed various artist renderings and home designs, along with interior design materials and color palettes.

Passing along the beachfront home sites, guests were served conch salad and various cocktails in coconut-cups to enjoy while mingling on Schooner Bay Beach. (It was lovely to hear one guest proclaim they had never seen sand like this, “it’s like sugar!”.)

Alexis Nihon II, president of Anco Lands Ltd, and Gustaf Hernqvist, Senior Sales and Marketing Director, addressed the guests.

“For decades, we have shared a deep commitment to the growth of the Abacos. Today, Great Abaco continues to emerge as a highly coveted destination, for both real estate and tourism, and we are thrilled to contribute to the fabric of this island’s prosperity,” said Alexis Nihon II.

“Our goal is to capture the natural beauty of this spectacular location and create an exclusive community that offers residents the ultimate family retreat and long-term value,” continued Nihon.

In attendance were local businessmen, government officials, real estate agents, local and international press and prospective buyers from the Bahamas, North America and Europe.

The party wrapped up with a surprise junkanoo parade. Junkanoo dancers, singers and musicians made their way down from the hilltop to the beach where we enjoyed the revelry and Bahamian hospitality.

See more pictures of the event.

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Serenity Point and Schooner Bay Village

February 16th, 2010

Dining Out in AbacoSchooner Bay Village

Great Abaco will soon be getting an exciting new town. Construction is under way for Schooner Bay Village – a harbour village on the Atlantic side of South Abaco, designed with the character of a traditional Bahamian town.

Situated on 320 acres of land, the charming, walkable village is built around a world-class harbour and will include marina facilities, extensive retail and amenities, and abundant green space, designed to preserve the tropical parrots’ local habitat.

As an environmentally conscious, mixed-use, high-density lifestyle community, Schooner Bay Village will be a model development for the future growth of Abaco.

Community and Commercial Vitality

The village will focus on community and commercial vitality. The Schooner Bay harbour and marina function as the center of the community and will be surrounded by shops and restaurants. The area also encourages community gathering, with a continuous promenade curving along the edge of the water, as well as a central plaza overlooking the marina.

Light Developmental Footprint

Light Environmental Footprint

The village is also being built with an environmental focus. Sixty percent of the total area is dedicated to green space, with a central, 50-acre north/south greenway that preserves the habitat of the Bahamian parrot, which feeds and migrates through the area annually. A buffered area along the beach also preserves the natural dunes and vegetation.

Landscape, architectural design and technology will all go into making the community environmentally friendly.

Technology like Photovoltaic (solar) Power, OTEC (ocean thermal energy conversion) and other alternative energy sources will be used to cut energy consumption by 40%. Shading devices and geothermal cooling are among the strategies.

Schooner Bay is also exploring District Seawater Cooling system pumps to produce the chilled water needed for centralized air-conditioning. In addition, stormwater and wastewater management strategies are underway, along with plans for greywater reuse, catchment and storage.

All daily needs are intended to be met by foot, bicycle, or golf cart to create walkable (zero-emission) neighborhoods.

Buildings Follow Tradition

Walkway in Hope Town

The buildings and streets follow traditional Bahamian towns with the buildings structured primarily as cottages, bordering the street with small masonry walls, hedges and fences.

Other features will include:

  • A marina with available dockage, a fuel dock, a marina service/maintenance area and boat dry storage
  • An excellent variety of small unique boutique shops, restaurants, bakery and Farmer’s Market
  • Service and retail oriented businesses, including a hardware store, insurance, flower shop, and liquor store
  • A public library, plus fire, police and medical services
  • A world-class, high-end, boutique condo/hotel with a spa facility
  • Beach clubhouse
  • Harbour island luxury spa and villas
  • Equestrian facilities
  • 50-acre park and parrot habitat with equestrian and pedestrian trails
  • Blue water and back water fishing club
  • Rental amenities, including golf carts, boat and kayak rentals
  • Community pool and tennis courts

View a video of the artist’s conception of the village.

Fishing and Agriculture

CC BY 2.0

Abaco’s world-class fishery provides fresh, local sources of food to visitors and the community at large. Black Fly Lodge’s marina, fly shop, restaurant and bar add to the diverse activities available to the community.
About Black Fly Lodge.

“The Commons” is an agricultural program that, along with the fishery, provides local sources of food through organic farming, as well as education on sustainability and health. Chinese investment and local supporters are also discussing the need for food processing of local crops. The Commons program will be hosted at Schooner Bay’s Community Centre.

Serenity Point, Schooner Bay Beach

Walt Chancey Home Design: Richards rearview

Serenity Point, an exclusive neighborhood comprising 24 single-family home sites with oceanfront or hilltop views, is situated on Schooner Bay Beach adjacent to Schooner Bay Village.

Home site owners will have the benefit of the village, marina, boutiques and restaurants in addition to the privacy of an exclusive community.

Serenity Point opens March 6, 2010 (request details).

Real Estate Development on Abaco

The new town at Schooner Bay Village and the luxury property development at Serenity Point are just two of the key developments currently contributing to growth on the island.

Despite the current state of the global economy, the Bahamas has continued to be a stable base for investment. Abaco, in particular, is the fastest growing out island in the Bahamas.

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What’s New in Abaco

December 21st, 2009

The opening of the new runway at the Marsh Harbour International Airport was announced on November 16. According to The Abaconian (Dec. 15, 2009), pilots and visitors to the island have expressed contentment over the smooth landing and are looking forward to the addition of the new airport terminal.

View Marsh Harbour International Airport in a larger map

In other amenities news, Bahamas Electricity Corporation officials expect to have their $105 million power plant at Wilson City, Abaco, up and running by April next year.

As The Abaconian reports (Dec. 1, 2009), “South Abaco is receiving much attention these days with several new upscale developments in the works.”

Delphi Club, a new upscale bonefish lodge, recently opened in South Abaco. It has eight rooms and overlooks Rolling Harbour, a gorgeous beach south of Bahama Palm Shores. The luxury bonefishing lodge stands 50 feet above sea level and commands panoramic views of the beautiful Atlantic coastline.

Exterior Delphi Club by delphi.bahamas on Picasa

Other notable features of Delphi Club:

  • The elegant lodge is built in the style of an 18th century plantation house with wrap around porches.
  • The great room features an enormous dining table where all guests dine together.
  • Dinner will be at 7 pm preceded by canapes at 6 pm for a flat rate of $75 with reservations required by noon.
  • An “honest bar” and piano complete the homey atmosphere of the great room.
  • Peter Mantle, owner of the Delphi Lodge, is also owner of the Delphi Lodge in Connemara, Ireland, which he established in 1995.
  • Guests are expected from the United States and Europe.

And, of course, Serenity Point development is well underway. National Post home section (Dec. 11, 2009) called Serenity Point a “Boomer heaven.” And noted, among its many appeals, that “the project’s Builder’s Program offers up architects and interior designers from Florida-based Chancey Design Partnership to create a buyer’s dream home. Alternatively, buyers can choose from a range of schematic designs that can be tailored to their needs but must adhere to a set of building guidelines to complement the Bahamian aesthetic.”

Stay tuned for more Abaco development news.

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